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I made this in I think 2005, was really just to see if I had mastered the editing process…


What is Truth?

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What is truth? An objective reality as observed by a witness, and when the witness lies what is truth then? As a creative person who has chosen to follow a lifetime of the observation of the world we live in, and the many ways that it can be portrayed I have as I feel most people in my field had to examine and re-examine this concept.

The canvas becomes a constant search for truth and it is impossible not to examine this truth as portrayed in the media, politics, religion and every aspect of our lives. So why would someone lie, to protect themselves from the truth, the truth is something they cannot comfortably exist with, better to punish an innocent man than than to take responsibility for the mistakes they make.

It seems that to be a bad person is so much easier than being a good person, lets take a scenario, one person is upset that his property is being stolen frequently, so he confronts a neighbour that he has witnessed members of that family help themselves to his property whenever they have felt like it. On confronting this neighbour about this situation the neighbour threatens to put a hammer in his face and attempts to strike him with a rather nasty looking front loader on a very powerful tractor.

This is not a very nice thing to happen to anyone, a major sign of guilt on the assailants part to be sure, but then the assailant goes to the police and accuses the injured party of threatening him with a hammer and has a “witness” to verify this as well…..

To any objective person this is an open and shut case, the person with the witness is believed and the innocent person is not…and that is the end of it…….No it is not the end, this is the beginning of an examination of the truth in modern Irish society and how it seems so easy for people who would claim to be up-standing citizens, are in fact liars.

So what is a person to do when faced with a situation like this, mark it down and move on with life trying not to dwell on the poisonous nature of some peoples minds? Fine if it happens once, twice and one begins to wonder, three times and it is a plague, it is clearly rampant in society that if one is perceived as weak that you will attract the venom of people who have no morals nor seemingly any sense of ethical behaviour.

So how does one prove their innocence against people who obviously are prepared to lie at the drop of a hat? Who have no conscience whatsoever, nor any sense of empathy for their fellow human being?

Staying quiet and saying nothing certainly does not work, studies have shown that when an innocent person is accused and convicted of a crime they did not commit, they are the most likely to commit suicide……..No longer wishing to belong to a life where their voice is not heard. The people who work in Prisons say that only an innocent person maintains their innocence throughout their term and far beyond, to the grave i would feel.

And this is how I feel, and will continue to feel for ever-more.

The buck stops here, I have taken enough, I will not be silent anymore….

I will scream the truth from the rooftops, I will repeat the truth again and again and again in every medium at my disposal…and I will continue to do so as long as there is breath left in this body and believe me, I will speak from beyond the grave because my work on this subject will have a life outside of mine.

There has to be truth in society, the post-colonist hangover of greed and corruption has to end, and it is not for me to point fingers at the politicians, or the Banks or any of those bodies, I point the finger directly at the people themselves who allow this to thrive in the society they live in, the people who feel that they can lie and deceive people and then complain when people in power do the same……It is the same people……

Corruption begins at home…

This is the story of such corruption and lies.

This story will unfold over the next weeks. months and years….as long as it takes…

“Truth Will Out” William Shakespeare

I am going to document this story to the end, I am not the first innocent person who has been accused of a crime they did not commit, nor will I be the last, but the choice that faces me now is an old one, do I wish to live in a World where truth is perverted and innocent people are punished for crimes they did not commit. No, I do not, I would rather die than exist in a world like that, so I either die or change the world I live in…………maybe just a tiny part of that world but it is the part closest to me and is always shared by someone else who is close to that part also. In this way we are all connected and always will be.

This is a story about an Artist’s life…